In a first for both the film industry and the Liquid Network, the feature film Silhouettes will issue tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Liquid Network using the LNFT platform. For about 43,000 sats, viewers can unlock exclusive digital collectibles along with streaming access to the film.

Silhouettes is a sci-fi odyssey from the minds of director Matt Hartley and producer Shiv Rajagopal. The story follows an astronaut and her journey through space and time after meeting an extraterrestrial during a routine spacewalk above Earth.

Ticket Details

Tickets to stream the film can be purchased on the official Silhouettes website using Bitcoin, Liquid Bitcoin, and payments via the Lightning Network. The tokenized tickets themselves give exclusive viewing rights, and as NFTs, each represents a unique ticket number. In addition to a single ticket, the first 100 buyers will receive two exclusive digital collectibles to commemorate the film's release. The first 1,000 buyers will also receive an NFT.

Empowering Filmmakers

Silhouettes is more than a film. It is the first step of a larger, collaborative effort to bridge the gap between entertainment and distributed finance, with the ultimate goal of giving filmmakers financial autonomy. Silhouettes' unique distribution model empowers creators, enabling them to bypass the high costs and fees associated with a distributor. Through Liquid's native asset issuance capabilities, filmmakers can also go directly to the audience and transform how they experience content.

Experience Silhouettes Today

Head on over to for the perfect start of a Friday movie night. You only need a wallet to purchase a token and a bag of popcorn to start your first NFT movie experience!