Global exchanges have come a long way since the early days of Bitcoin. But despite the exponential growth in adoption and development, ordinary users are still finding it difficult to access the innovations of distributed finance. Due to these technical hurdles, many users are willing to sacrifice security and privacy for the convenience of custodial services.

With the launch of its hybrid mobile app and immersive user interface, True Decentralized Exchange (TDEX) hopes to bridge this divide and ensure traders of all stripes have access to financial self-sovereignty that is both private and secure.

The LiFi (Liquid Finance) Revolution

Developed by Sevenlabs, TDEX is the first decentralized exchange protocol built on the Liquid Network. The platform utilizes atomic swaps to enable fast, non-custodial, and anonymous ways for traders to exchange Liquid assets.

TDEX aims to become a community-driven model for privacy-conscious individuals in a time of rising digital despotism. TDEX users retain complete control over their assets, data, and private keys due to Liquid's Confidential Transactions and cryptographic fungibility.

Fully Open Source

Like the underlying protocol, the TDEX mobile app has a fully open-source codebase. Users have the power to check every claim and create custom solutions on top of the TDEX protocol.

Anyone can become a market maker on the TDEX network, helping provide liquidity to the global network and connect to professional market maker tools, such as pluggable price feeds, rebalancing bots, or the ability to design individual strategies with a full API solution.

Download the TDEX App Now

Start preserving your privacy now by downloading the TDEX mobile app from Android or iOS, or you can install the latest APK on Github directly.

Also, be sure to explore the TDEX white paper and visit the TDEX Telegram to learn more details of how the protocol adopts Liquid’s privacy-enhancing aspects.