We’re very excited to announce the arrival of Raretoshi and the LNFT platform! Blockstream supported Adam Soltys, CTO of coinos, who has built the customizable and extensible platform for the issuance of Bitcoin-focused NFTs. Using the coinos wallet framework, Raretoshi supports Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) and Liquid-based stablecoins like USDt and L-CAD. Mainchain BTC and Lightning Network payments are also supported and seamlessly converted to L-BTC for final settlement.

All of the code powering Raretoshi is being released as an MIT-licensed open source project called LNFT (Liquid NFT), allowing anyone to spin up and host their own marketplaces with different themes or focuses. We’re excited to see what other use cases people come up with and are happy to help you get started!

Lineup of Bitcoin Artists

Bitcoin artists had few options available for minting their artwork on Bitcoin-based technology, but Raretoshi fixes this. Raretoshi is a curated art platform and is launching with well-known Bitcoin artists like cryptograffiti. We’ll be announcing additional artists over the next several weeks. If you’re a Bitcoin artist that is interested in joining the marketplace, please reach out and apply.

“Stikes Twice #1” (cryptograffiti)

Art Atomic Swaps

Using Raretoshi, it’s easy for artists to mint new NFTs and list their work. Instant NFT purchases and auctions are supported utilizing Partially Signed Elements Transactions (PSETs). Art patrons conduct transactions using Liquid atomic swaps, so that the transfer of BTC or stablecoins and art NFTs happen in a single transaction without the need for middlemen.


Artists can also opt to receive royalties from future NFT swaps after the initial sale using a server-enforced 2-of-2 multisig model.

Distributed Art File Storage

The art files associated with the NFTs are stored using the IPFS distributed file sharing technology so they can be recovered if the platform goes offline.

Get Started

Get a Liquid wallet (if you don't already have one), pick up some L-BTC, and head to the Raretoshi site to place a bid on an auction!