If you’re a BTCPay Server merchant, you can now take advantage of the new Liquid+ plugin that brings Liquid voucher and Liquid asset discount support to your store. The plugin was developed as a collaboration between BTCPay and Blockstream.

Liquid Vouchers

The new plugin enables you to accept assets you’ve issued on the Liquid Network as vouchers for your store’s products. You can then deliver the vouchers to customers through promotional material. Accepting vouchers as payment is a great way to promote your store and engage with the community!

Discounts for Liquid Assets

As a merchant, you can also combine Liquid+ with a new Woocommerce upgrade to enable discounts for payments in specific Liquid assets like USDt. This can be used to attract more sales and also incentivize payments in your preferred asset.

Try Out the New Features

To demonstrate both the Liquid voucher and asset-specific discount features, Blockstream is holding a giveaway and discounting all purchases made with USDt on Liquid on the Blockstream Store.