We are excited to announce six new members to the Liquid Federation: Coinos, Komainu, Nym Technologies, Sideswap, Vulpem Ventures, and Watchdog Capital.

With these new additions, there are now a total of 59 members in the Liquid Federation, including cryptocurrency exchanges, trading desks, infrastructure providers, gaming companies, and digital securities services.

More Integrations

While some integrations are currently in development, others are already operational and provide new ways for users to manage their L-BTC and Liquid assets.


Coinos is a Bitcoin web wallet and digital asset exchange platform. Anyone can download the code and host it on their server to set up user-friendly wallet services, exchanges, or custodians.

Liquid Integration: Coinos is a web wallet offering powerful interoperability across Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and the Liquid Network.


Komainu is a joint venture between crypto-asset security firm Ledger (Liquid member), investment bank Nomura, and digital asset investment firm CoinShares (also a Liquid member) that provides hybrid custodial services for digital assets in line with institutional requirements.

Liquid Integration: Komainu plans to offer custodial services to assets issued on the Liquid Network.

Nym Technologies

Nym is a decentralized mixnet designed to offer superior network-level privacy comparable to Tor. The mixnet uses Liquid to track the reputation of mix nodes.

Liquid Integration: Nym mix node operators currently receive a confidential asset on Liquid, NYMPH, as the reputation score of their mix node. NYMPH is a valueless testnet token that keeps track of how long a node has been mixing traffic for testing purposes.


Sideswap provides settlement infrastructure for the Liquid Network.

Liquid Integration: SideSwap is a tool that helps users perform Liquid peg-ins and peg-outs and atomically swap assets on the Liquid sidechain.

Vulpem Ventures

Vulpem Ventures is a software development company at the forefront of the blockchain industry since 2017, offering a wide array of solutions and services to audit, secure, and store digital assets.

Liquid Integration: Vulpem is the developer of Marina, the world’s first wallet browser extension that enables a plug-and-play gateway into the Liquid Network, as well as the Liquid-based tools Liquid.Taxi and Liquid.Coach. Vulpem further maintains Go Elements and a trader-facing command-line interface for TDex, a non-custodial exchange for Liquid assets.

Watchdog Capital

Watchdog Capital is a broker-dealer with a wide range of capabilities in securities transactions and investment banking. Watchdog Capital works with entities and individuals that need to be licensed or partnered with a registered securities company.

Liquid Integration: Watchdog Capital will offer securities services on Liquid using Blockstream’s Asset Management Platform (AMP).

Get Involved

If you want to start using the Liquid Network, check out our complete list of available Liquid integrations.If you are interested in becoming a member of the Liquid Federation, contact the federation’s Membership Board through the official Liquid Network site.