Late last year, decentralized, peer-to-peer exchange protocol TDEX launched a beta of the TDEX Daemon for market makers on the Liquid Network, enabling a selection of professional features such as custom pricing strategy options, analytics, and a full API solution.

Market-Making on Liquid

Developed by Sevenlabs, TDEX is a peer-to-peer network with an open interface for market makers to signal liquidity in different Liquid asset pairs (e.g. L-BTC and USDt). The platform leverages Liquid’s features to provide an optimized non-custodial trading experience, including high transaction speeds, Confidential Transactions, and atomic swaps.

Through its intuitive, interactive operator interface, TDEX makes market-making on Liquid easy, which enables new opportunities to provide liquidity to traders for yield.

Market makers on TDEX can further look forward to various upcoming features to support their market-making strategies, such as daemon networks between individual market makers, designed to enable the formation of liquidity pools for asset pairs.

Get Started

If you are interested in using TDEX, either as a trader or liquidity provider, check out the TDEX docs.