Using Bitcoin on the Liquid Network (L-BTC) presents users with a variety of benefits, such as lower settlement fees, improved speeds, and a higher degree of anonymity. L-BTC is also required to cover transaction fees when trading other Liquid assets such as Tether (USDt) or when minting NFTs on Raretoshi.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list below of the fastest and easiest ways you can get L-BTC and convert it back to BTC (in alphabetical order).

Wallets, Swaps and P2P Platforms


Type: Wallet
Conversion fees: 2.9% (US); 3.9% (international)
Open to US users: Yes (limited to certain states)

The AQUA wallet enables you to purchase L-BTC using a debit card, credit card, or Apple Pay via payment partners. Due to the required fees, it's recommended you purchase amounts larger than $50.


Type: Web wallet
Conversion fees: 0.1%
Open to US users: Yes

Coinos is an open-source web wallet that offers interoperability across Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and the Liquid Network. The wallet allows you to create both custodial and non-custodial wallets within your account and seamlessly convert and send over any of the other two networks regardless of your deposit method.

Type: Swap platform
Conversion fees: 1%
Open to US users: Yes is an instant asset exchange platform that requires no registration. To change BTC to L-BTC, you simply enter the destination address of the L-BTC and the amount you want to convert. Be sure to enter the redemption address, in this case, the one for Bitcoin.

Hodl Hodl

Type: P2P trading & lending platform
Conversion fees: Subject to P2P market
Open to US users: Yes

Official L-BTC guide

Hodl Hodl is a global P2P Bitcoin platform that allows users to buy and sell BTC for L-BTC directly with each other anonymously. The platform also provides lending and borrowing services, in which users can borrow L-BTC against their BTC collateral, then later repay their loan in L-BTC to receive their BTC.

Sideshift AI

Type: Swap platform
Conversion fees: 1%
Open to US users: No

Official Sideshift AI L-BTC guide

Sideshift AI provides a simple, fast, and low-cost platform for swapping between BTC, L-BTC, and Liquid-based USDt.


Type: Mobile wallet & in-app swap platform
Conversion fees: Peg-in/peg-out 0.1%, in-app swap 0.75% (site fee guide)
Open to US users: Yes

SideSwap allows users to perform Liquid peg-ins and peg-outs and exchange assets, including BTC for L-BTC through an atomic swap. The conversion is fully settled within two minutes.

A quick guide for converting your Bitcoin to Liquid Bitcoin using Blockstream Green and SideSwap.


There are many exchanges available where you can seamlessly convert between L-BTC and BTC. Note that some of these platforms may charge a small fee for the conversion.

Available to US users:

Bisq (official L-BTC guide)



Available to non-US users:

Bitfinex (official L-BTC guide)


BTSE (official L-BTC guide)

Bull Bitcoin




Peach Bitcoin

Running Your Own Liquid Node

A Liquid node allows you to send and receive assets on the Liquid Network, verify transactions, peg in Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC), verify the L-BTC supply, and issue new assets.

To process a peg-in yourself, follow our peg-in guide. Note you will need both a Bitcoin full node and a Liquid node to securely complete the process. To process a peg-out, you will need to go through one of the third parties previously mentioned.

Bear in mind that running a Liquid node and converting BTC to L-BTC yourself requires a moderate level of technical proficiency and around a day to confirm (102 Bitcoin blocks). Therefore, the solutions stated earlier will meet most users' needs.

Additional L-BTC Resources

For the latest platform support, with details of peg-in, peg-out, and conversion services, see a complete table of Liquid-integrated platforms. More integrations are always in development and will be added to the table when live, so be sure to check back frequently for updates.

Need a Liquid wallet? See our recommendations here.

If you have further questions or want to discuss Liquid with others, we recommend joining the Liquid Community Telegram or the Build On L2 community platform.