Amsterdam, June 18, 2024

Daedalus Labs is excited to announce the development of RESIN, a groundbreaking platform set to revolutionize the real estate landscape by enabling buyers to purchase a home via a rent-to-own model, without the traditional dependency on banks. Daedalus Labs will work with industry leaders DIGTL and Blockstream via their collaboration on the Liquid Network, an open-source Bitcoin layer-2 network focused on building capital markets and RWAs on top of Bitcoin.

RESIN: A New Rent-to-Own Model that Leverages Bitcoin

Daedalus Labs is building RESIN to redefine home buying. At the core of RESIN is a groundbreaking concept: enabling individuals to purchase a property without the traditional dependency on banks or fiat.

RESIN will leverage the deflationary properties of Bitcoin, taking it beyond its role as a payments network and into the world of real estate. RESIN aims to increase accessibility to both real estate and real estate investments, making it easier for everyday investors to participate in an industry traditionally reserved for the select few.

Users will soon be able to use RESIN to acquire properties through a rent-to-own model, while also lowering the threshold for investors to enter the real estate market. Rent will be converted into bitcoin, which is expected to appreciate over time as demand for Bitcoin continues to grow. No need for a down payment or high credit rating.

Joining the Liquid Federation

In addition to developing RESIN, Daedalus Labs is proud to announce that it has joined the Liquid Federation, a globally distributed group of more than 65 Bitcoin-centric companies that manages and secures the Liquid Network. This strategic move aligns Daedalus Labs with a consortium of Bitcoin wallets, exchanges and other leaders dedicated to enhancing Bitcoin's scalability and layer-2 interoperability.

Liquid will enable Daedalus Labs to distribute earnings to investors even in a high-fee environment, while also allowing users to transact with USDT on Liquid to avoid volatility. There is also potential in areas such as equity ownership, equity payouts, and accepting less volatile currencies for clients.

Connecting the Rent-to-Own Model to Innovative Ownership Solutions

Daedalus Labs is on a mission to solve the real-world problems that have plagued the real estate market for decades, such as lack of transparency, high entry barriers, and limited accessibility. With RESIN users will soon be able to acquire a property through a rent-to-own model and seamlessly invest in real estate properties backed by Bitcoin. This will bridge the gap between Bitcoin and tangible assets, without banks or governments.

Alternative to Big Tech

"Big tech has monopolized innovation for too long, creating systems that benefit the few while excluding the many," said Maya Parbhoe, CEO of Daedalus Labs. "With RESIN, we're breaking down these barriers, offering a decentralized, transparent, and collaborative platform for community real estate investment."

Daedalus Labs invites investors, enthusiasts, and the broader community to join the RESIN revolution. Stay tuned for further announcements as RESIN prepares to launch later this year and redefine the future of Bitcoin-based real estate.

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About Daedalus Labs:

Daedalus Labs is a pioneering tech company dedicated to creating innovative solutions that bridge the gap between Bitcoin and real-world applications.Through cutting-edge technology and empowered by the Bitcoin ethos, Daedalus Labs aims to democratize access to real estate and bring financial opportunities to all.

About Liquid:

The Liquid Network is a Bitcoin sidechain and layer-2 solution that enables faster, more confidential bitcoin transactions and the issuance of digital assets, such as stablecoins, security tokens, and other financial instruments. The network is operated and managed by a globally distributed federation of more than 65 of Bitcoin's leading enterprises. To date, Liquid has amassed more than $1.6 billion in network value and remains foundational to Bitcoin's growth and adoption, particularly in the rapidly developing security token market.