Bitcoin Reserve, a Bitcoin-only brokerage and member of the Liquid Federation, has added the option of buying Liquid Bitcoin ( L-BTC) to its Flash and Concierge service offerings. Users can buy L-BTC in increments as small as €10 up to €10M+ via bank transfer, and self-custody off-platform in any Liquid wallet of their choice.

Bitcoin Reserve offers two flagship services.

  • Flash, a service geared towards serious beginners and investors with the option to buy L-BTC worth more than €10 and less than €50,000 on a single trade.
  • Concierge, a white glove service for high-net-worth individuals and institutions who seek to invest over €50,000.

Both services come with streamlined on-boarding with minimal data-gathering (no data sharing to third parties) and a full range of support services, including educational resources for investors new to Bitcoin.

Investors also have access to a personal service team for troubleshooting or guidance on topics like hardware wallets, self-custody, and other questions related to the bitcoin buying process.

Purchasing Liquid Bitcoin

After the completion of a quick, automated KYC process, users can buy L-BTC in a matter of seconds. Follow along in the video below as we guide you through the process.

After purchasing your L-BTC on Bitcoin Reserve, you need to transfer it to an external Liquid wallet for adequate self-custody. We recommend choosing a wallet from the following list that best suits your needs:

  • AQUA: a simple, user-friendly wallet available for iOS.
  • Blockstream Green: security and privacy-focused, available on all major mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Blockstream Jade: an open-source hardware wallet compatible with Green and Specter.
  • Specter: a full-suite wallet that comes with extensions like the Liquid Asset Issuer, desktop only.

Leveraging Bitcoin’s Second Layer

Layer-2 solutions like Lightning and Liquid are building the payment and financial layers of Bitcoin, driving hyperbitcoinization, and replacing the legacy banking system.

Under Liquid, investors gain access to an open, distributed financial system built on Bitcoin that allows the trading of new classes of assets, such as L-BTC, stablecoins and security tokens.

By trading EU-compliant financial products, such as the Blockstream Mining Note, on next-gen platforms like MERJ and SideSwap that allow for 24/7 trading globally, investors can leverage the best of Bitcoin technology to safeguard their wealth without the risk of unregulated securities.

In addition to providing investors with faster (one-minute block times) and cheaper (as low as 0.1 satoshi/vbyte) transactions, Liquid's Confidential Transactions offer a more private, discrete point of sale, with the details of each transaction, including the type of asset and amounts, kept blinded by default.

Alternatively, any Liquid user can unblind their transaction, and issuers can selectively share information with auditors to ensure regulatory compliance without giving away control of their digital assets and financial data.

Learn more about issuing digital assets and securities on Liquid by getting in touch with Blockstream’s AMP team or testing out the technology yourself with Specter’s new Liquid Asset Issuer tool.

What’s Next

In addition to the L-BTC buy option for its Flash and Concierge services, Bitcoin Reserve will add a sell option in the near future. Concierge clients can also buy and sell the USDt (Liquid) stablecoin, with retail access coming soon.

For further information, join the new Liquid subreddit to participate in a live Q&A (happening now!) with the team from Bitcoin Reserve. Follow @BTCReserveHQ and @Liquid_BTC for updates and future announcements.